Little Dragons

Children between the ages of 3 & 4-years old are in a very distinct growing stage. They are embarking on new discoveries everyday and learning how to cope with all of the challenges in everyday life. Their intellect, emotions, physical capabilities, and social competence all are growing at a rapid rate. So fast, that they often overlook what’s important and can hardly tell the difference between right and wrong.

That’s where our Little Dragons Program comes into play. Our program was specially designed for the stages of development of 3 & 4-year olds. We ensure that our program meets each child’s characteristics and capabilities.

In our Little Dragons Program, each child will experience training that targets the skills that they are currently developing; skills such as large and gross motor skills, behavior development, and character development. These skills have been broken down into age-specific exercises, games, activities, and drills that compliment their stage of development.